Allow the journey to unfold.

The meditation I did this morning gave me a good question to reflect on.
It asked, are we holding on to an outcome for the future, or are we letting the journey unfold before us?

The truth is that the journey is going to unfold before us, it does’t matter if  we like it or not.  Goals have outcomes in the future, for example, getting a degree, finishing a book, getting healthy. These require time and effort in the present, day by day, to accomplish. Goals don’t happen overnight. We don’t have access to magic genies or elves who come while we are asleep to finish our work.

The emotional wave of energy that comes when you set a goal soon disappears.
The encouragement from friends and supporters, it lasts only for a short time.
To secure the outcomes you desire, you have to make the daily decision to leave the inside of your head and trust your hands to write to finish the book. Your feet to move, exercise, and mind to coordinate the specific steps needed to take to navigate the course work you need to complete for your degree.

The crucial work, the daily work, is often done alone. Often without applauds, and the roar of the clouds or the emotional rush of the like, or the comment on a post.
This is what it means to allow the journey to unfold.

Daily work. Step by Step. The outcome is down the road. That should not discourage you. Guess what? Some people are ahead of you, people behind you, and people who haven’t even started yet.

In this moment, avoid the desire to criticize yourself, your effort, your goals. Make adjustments to your plans yes, but leave the exaggerated statements alone. Just start again. Set the timer for 15 minutes and write. Pick aa time period to work up, set a timer and workout. Devote time each day to studying.

You can cheer them on. You can hope for them to be successful. Guess what. There is a space for you too. For me. Especially for me. I just need to keep walking. So do you.

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