The work we do matters to someone. Tell yourself that. If you deliver mail, a person is waiting for you to arrive. They are looking forward to the item you are bringing. It could be money, a gift, a favorite magazine, or coupons for a favorite restaurant.
You can say that you brought it to them.

Here is an exercise to try. Write down your job title. Pick a task that you do every day.
Write that task down, be specific about what the task is. For example, maybe a task is to read and respond to emails.

Write down- At my job I  read and respond to email.

Next, write down what occurred in that email.

The  email I  sent helped a person  set up an appointment to go see a doctor.

Imagine on the other end what occurred. The other person can get their doctor’s appointment. They are treated by the doctor.

You were a part of that.

We did play a part.

We all play parts.

The parts are important to the stories we are telling.

If you are a Star War’s fan, you remember the scene with Han and Greedo in the bar.

Han shot Greedo, Greedo lasted only several minutes in the film, but years of debate has been sparked over who shot first, Han or Greedo.

Greedo played a small part. But the impact of the small part is known.

We all play parts, many parts, we have many roles.

Take time to pause and be thankful for them, and connect with who you are helping with them.

Even if you don’t see it right away.

The parts you play everyday matter. You are needed.

Act as if.

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