My internal life and external life don’t agree. I am glad that they don’t. My inner life is grumpy, often angry, distressed, complaining, and the generator of negative stories.

Thankfully they are not about me. At least there is progress.

My external life is moving. It goes to work; it drives a car. It facilitates groups of people. Drinks coffee, spends money, watches tv, reads books.

Guess what? I am in control of my inner life. My inner life may behave like an untrained dog, running loose and wild all over the place. I can allow it. I can hope that the dog comes back, or maybe I just want that dog to stay away. This to is just a story  generated by me.

How about you? How about us? Do we know how our inner life and our external life are related?

Is evidence of it on our Facebook pages? On the videos we make? The media we consume?


Can others figure out what our internal and external lives are? If they could, would we care?

Generations from now, if we have made an impact, perhaps people will debate and ponder our words.

Our videos, Our images, seeking to know what made us think. What made us contribute.

What do I do with that? I won’t be at that debate.

So I have a choice. I can choose to contribute. I hope that my contribution makes things better and helps someone.

My external life is trying, My inner life is along for the ride.

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