Do you have a dream job, or do you like to work? It could be both. I was raised to value working. It didn’t matter what you did for work. You needed to be working, meeting your responsibilities, and applying your talents.

This is what I saw modeled with my parents, extended family, and relatives. People didn’t talk about dream jobs, finding your why, emotional intelligence, etc. I don’t believe that any of these are bad in and of themselves, but I believe they can become toxic when they diminish the current work you are doing.

I believe that if you don’t like your job, career, you should move to something else, or at least have a plan to.
If you are in a job or career that you don’t like, you should take time to be thankful for the benefits that the job gives you and the opportunities provided within it. Give yourself credit for obtaining skills that are of use to others in the current environment you are in.

I have been in toxic work environments in my career as an educator. At the current moment, thankfully, I am not. In the past, that wasn’t the case. I worked for two employers in two different schools that were charged criminally. Going through that process was hard; looking back on that time has begun to be harder.

I knew when I was working for people under investigation that I had a job to do. I had to serve students, parents, and families. I was thankful for the ability to pay my bills, my decisions, and support my family.

I also knew that I could’ve left. I could’ve at any time started a job search and within time. I could have found new employment.
I didn’t. When the time came to leave, I was asked to once because I spoke out publicly about the organization’s finances. The second time, the organization stated they didn’t have enough money to fund my position.

Later you see people occupying the position that you had, but the name has been changed. I guess those things are legal, but to me, they aren’t ethical.

It is hard to get over working hard, giving 100 percent, and then find out that you are no longer wanted. Internally, you want to fight back and throw punches, but then I realized that integrity and character matter. I have it, and those that sought to create short-cuts don’t. I am not perfect. I find myself wondering if I should look for a dream job, something I want to do, etch out a position, and a company set a goal. I don’t think that is it. I also think that maybe I should at least try?

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