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Seth Godin said that Writer’s Block was invented. I agree with him. I am not blocked, I am not sure what I am. I will try my best to explain. I only have two hands to type or write with. Yet my mind moves so quick. If I stop to count them, I have about five or six topics running through my head at any given time. I wish I could write about all of them all at once. They bounce back and forth. My mind is like the children’s book about the monkey’s jumping on the bed. I am not blocked!

I just completed National Novel Writing Month. I wrote every day for thirty days. When the month was over, I had a rough draft finished. I said to myself, “ What’s next?”
After some time of rest and reflection, I came up with what is next.

I decided that I am going to write every day for the remainder of the year. Also, I am going to post and share my daily writing.

This will help me to prepare for a year of writing and posting daily.

When I begin a year-long project I like to plan. My planning involves reflecting on what I am currently doing, then figuring out routines and systems to manage the project to completion. For this project, I reflected on my current habits.

I have a daily writing habit. I journal daily.  Yet for this project, I would need to create a new habit. A posting habit. I have toyed and thought about writing and posting daily for a year. To have a regular writing and posting habit, I would need to take on three tasks in the upcoming year.

Writing, Editing, and Posting. Yet having a daily sharing habit is difficult. I am good a showing up and writing daily, but putting your work into the world requires. Writing, Editing, and Posting.

So with the new habit I identified, I am ready to experiment.

This would be three tasks that I would be taking on. Can I do this? I went back and forth about if this was a good idea. Yet rather than say, I am going to do it for 52 weeks. Let’s establish a baseline. How many days in a row can I write and post?

The only way to figure out if something will work is to try it.

One of Seth Godin’s post this week inspired me to keep moving forward on my writing and podcasting. In his post Only the Hits, this inspired me – Seth said “You won’t know if it’s a hit until after you bring it to market. Dylan recorded 50 albums. Picasso painted 10,000 paintings. VCs fund hundreds of businesses. Do your best. Then ship.” Those were his words.
The post helps me to make my decision.

What I have decided to do is to simply write and post to my blog for the rest of 2019.
I am going to podcast weekly in 2020. I am going to post four new shows to end the year. The first one is finished, and you can find it here.

The end of the year is usually a time of reflection. I plan my projects for the next year and the take-off on Jan 1.

This year I am going to consider this time of year Spring Training for my creative content creation.

As you reflect on your projects for next year,  Do two things. First, find the new habit that you need to create to support your project.

Second-Kick the tires and try some of them out before the year ends.

Have fun and play around with the idea of a Holiday Boot Camp.

I can’t do it all. But I can do one thing at a time. One monkey at a time, the rest can keep jumping!

The picture below is of a coffee mug I used that was in the home we stayed in over Thanksgiving. I thought it was appropriate for Independent Content Creators.


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