Happy Endings

Do you like Happy Endings? In the books your read, the movies or shows you watch.

I go through phases. Growing up, I remember all the stories had happy endings, and at some point, I recall thinking it would be cool to see the bad guy win once in a while or have a sad ending.

As I aged, my wish was granted. The stories I watched or saw didn’t have happy endings; Wolverine died at the end of Logan, Iron Man dies at the end of Endgame. Han Solo dies in the Star Wars movie. It wasn’t just the stories in fiction ,  life began to morph into one sad story.

History began to unfold to me as one sad story after another, the enslavement of African Americans, what was done to Native Americans, The Holocaust, Two World Wars, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Assassinations of leaders.

All these occurred before I was born. Imagine the shock when I hear a term like Make A America Great again, and I compare it with documented history.

Where is this Great America that we once had? We can we find it? If I leaned into that comment, the greatness that existed did not come from people acknowledged by the media or picked to be in history books. Greatness was found in my parents, relatives, friends of parents, who went to work every day, paid their bills, struggled, and fought through the poor decisions bound on them by others who were far away and knew not the struggle they went to.

That is where I can look to find greatness. I even ask this question. Why should we be looking to find the greatness inside of the landmass or geographic area that we live? It seems to me to reveal more of insecurity than it does confidence. I could be wrong.

A person could read this and label me as someone who hates the country and wants a new economic system. Nope. I am just a person who realizes that the seeds of greatness are planted inside of me. All of us and our responsibility is to use those seeds in the service of others a little bit more at the end of each day than we did at the service of ourselves. If I do, I trust that everything will be ok. I am not sure if that get’s me a happy ending or not, but it is a good way to spend the day.

The sad times I am seeing as parts of the story, but the sadness, the discouragement those are moments in the story. They are not the entire story, and when they occur, as hard as it is to keep moving, we need to keep moving.

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