On hacks

What is a hack? A hack is a word with multiple meanings. Which meaning of hack do you assign to yourself? Another question is, why would you call yourself a name like a hack? A useful hack is a behavior choice designed to make you more productive in a chosen activity.

An example that I use is that I use Bluetooth headphones to stream music in the morning. This allows me to place my phone in a different location from where I am working. That way, I don’t check my phone, and I work without interruptions. This is a hack.

Or a hack can be an illegal activity that you engage in to increase your financial position.
An example of this is writing code to program a computer to steal money from a bank or alter your report card. In the case of the 1980’s movie War Games, come close to starting a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

In the workplace, I have heard the definition of a hack. As someone who takes a job simply for the money and alters their work without any concerns for skill or expertise, just gets the job done.

I think for me, it is important; I am not going to be a hack. I will also use the good hacks, Hacks that benefit other, and make the world better. I hope to, at least. That is the intention I will set, and hopefully, if I screw up, wisdom will guide me back in the right direction. The truth is I will screw up, I have screwed up, and in the future, I hope to screw up less. Perhaps my screwups make me a hack. In that case, it is a name that other people have given to me, but it isn’t a name I have to accept.

In closing, a hack represents forward progress, a person who uses ax hacks away at wood to be used in the fireplace. An artist hacks away each day typing words, playing notes, painting images, taking photos in the service of making things better for others.

So I will hack away. But I am not a hack, and neither are you.

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