On new and measurement.

I have to be intentional to expose myself to new music. I look at my playlists on Spotify. Most of the music I listen to ranges over seventy years. This music can be called up with a screen’s tap, a simple search, and a few clicks.

Our parents had to accumulate albums or listen to what was on the radio or tv. Our ancestors had to rely on whoever played an instrument in the local town. The wealthy would hear the symphony orchestra perform. The poor would hear individuals perform around campfires, in pubs, homes, etc.
In fourth grade, I had the opportunity to play music in school. I continued to practice and play, and even today, I pull out my saxophone and practice.

I can only speak to my own experience; there is a joy to playing music with others. There also was a part of my nature that is competitive. That side was fed growing up too. In-band, you competed for chairs, you went to contests to compete against other bands for rankings and certificates.
You went to the contest. You got a one. This meant you were a good band. If you didn’t get one, in my mind, you were not good.

This system of measurement. They exist. Measurement makes me uncomfortable. Measurement makes me want to quit, or measurement acts as fuel. There are times that I want systems of measurement to go away.

What is your opinion on the measurement of individual talents and abilities? Is the measurement around to help me get better in my chosen vocation? Or am I using measurement to validate myself or gain acceptance from others? I guess it is a combination of all of the above.

Bouncing from the opinions that I have curated in my mind has led me to conclude that I need to cultivate new habits and expose myself to new music. Still, as a content creator, I am concluding that perhaps I am new. I want to be the new author that a reader chooses. I hope to be that new podcaster that you listen to or the new blogger that you read, and if you would like to expose yourself to something new, check out my work here.

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