Rinse Repeat

Sports and Soap Operas. I recall watching them with my grandmother. I would lay on the floor in her living room, and All My Children moved onto One Life to Live and the day finished with General Hospital.

As a child, I attached to General Hospital, watched it in college, watched it as an adult. When we had a VCR, I would tape episodes, and when I had an old school TIVO, I would TIVO the episodes. I wonder if Soaps will arrive on a streaming platform?

They have forty years of SNL on Peacock. Streaming platforms are a classroom if you take the time to see them as one. I have the chance to look at the story and how stories were put together to gather as many eyes as possible to sell ads.

The truth is, what do we remember? People don’t remember the ads. People remember the art. Think of Good Times; most African American families will tell you the iconic scene where Florida yelled “Damn, Damn, Damn”, after she dropped the bowl after James’s funeral.

The ads bring the money, and the art brings the audience. Rinse, Repeat. Eyes, products to consume. Rinse, Repeat. What do I do? I attempt to create each day and share what I create.

The classrooms for creativity exist all around us. Today is a good day to create, and tomorrow will be as well. Create something today. See yourself as a learner, and see yourself as a creator.

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