The month of Nisan in Hebrew is the equivalent to our month of March. I discovered that this morning when I was reading the book of Nehemiah; the book begins in the Hebrew month of Kislev when Nehemiah hears from his brothers and the exiles, he responds with mourning, prayer, and fasting. I paused and took that in.

I have read through the book of Nehemiah many times. I tend to focus on his boldness in asking the king for materials. His building of the wall, resisting the opposition, and of course, tearing out the hair of those who were rebellious.

The book started with a man who responded to the troubles of others by pausing. Stopping to mourn, pray, and fast for others.

It has been a year of loss for many people. I don’t believe we are called to blame. I don’t believe we are called to lash out at others. If you are angry or sad, consider taking the time to pause, mourn, and pray. The anger represents a loss. A collective loss we all are experiencing. Take the time to pause today.

I get angry too. I get angry at the hurt people to cause to others and still proclaim the love of God. I am angry at those who use charity work to conceal financial schemes to prosper themselves. I console myself with this thought. The evil that others do hiding behind good works. They will be exposed and brought to justice either in this life or the next, but as for me and those I love. We are free to set a different example. You can do that too. What example do you want to set? What is broken in you that needs healing? You find it by pausing to pray, fast, and mourn.

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