Hank Aaron

Got an alert this morning that Hank Aaron died. I was only two when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s homeroom record. I do recall reading a biography about him when I was in grade school. It is amazing and tragic when you read about what athletes in his era had to endure.

When Aaron was getting close to breaking the homer record, he would receive death threats daily, huge mail volumes with threats to kill him.

So very sad he should’ve been able to enjoy his accomplishments without fear of death.
The amazing thing about it is that he kept performing, kept hitting home runs, and broke the record.
Hate will never make sense to me; the people who did that to Hank, what in the world were they losing if Hank broke the home run record? What brings a person to send a letter threatening a person’s life.

I hope that we can move forward and decide that intentionally hurting people is wrong.

I also hope that people can celebrate their achievements, despite the hatred spewed at them. Hank Aaron lives a life of tremendous impact, an impact that will live long into the future, and he will continue to inspire.

Sunglasses at Night

The past is a heavy weight. At times it is a friend, other times it is an enemy. At least for music the past is a friend. Sungless at Night by Corey Hart came on today. Spotify created a playlist for me call Time Capsule.

I looked up the lyrics and to me it seem like the song is describing a dysfunctional relationship.

We have a lot of dysfunctional relationships. 

As for me I don’t wear sunglasses a night. I am looking forward to a new episode of WandaVision tomorrow.