18 Steps

How I write every day.

1. Open my computer.
2. Enter the password or use the Touch ID.
3. Open Scrivener
4. Set the timer on my Apple Watch for ten minutes.
5. Hit the plus button on the bottom left-hand corner of the page I have open on Scrivener.
6. Name the post.
7. Type the post.
8. Copy the post.
9. Sign in to Grammarly.
10. Paste the post into Grammarly
11. Click the buttons to accept the suggestions.
12. Copy the buttons to accept the suggestions.
13. Sign in to Word Press.
14. Click new post.
15. Select Classic Editor.
16. Paste in the post.
17. Click publish.
18. Close computer.

18 steps. It can be done at any point of the day. Right now, for me, I am writing every morning. My desire is to have a post uploaded to my blog before I hit the road to drive to work.

It is working for me. It might not work for others, but that isn’t the goal. The goal is to have something to share.

If you have a hard time sharing your creative work, think of it as a work potluck. Maybe you are the person who brings the gluten-free option for your co-workers with dietary issues; the person who doesn’t eat gluten will appreciate you including them in the potluck; the person who doesn’t care for gluten-free foods will not eat your contribution. That is ok.

You still brought something to the potluck.

You get to choose what you bring to the potluck. If you can’t figure out what food item to bring, give money, bring drinks, just bring something.

My daily writing, My blog post each day takes 18 steps. 18 steps to contribution. What are your steps to service? Write them out?

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