Aquafunkapus is my name writing is my game

In the month of November  I am participating in National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo. You can find out more about the event here.

During the month of Nano I am working on a rough draft of a Science Fiction Soap Opera. This week I am going to interview two characters from the Story -The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and the Band of Misfit Heroes. I am Steven Thompson, the author, and I wanted you to meet two of my characters- Donovan Jennings or DJ for short and Travis Craig.

Steven- First, thanks so much for joining us today and agreeing to be interviewed. So first of all, both of you are co-main characters in this story. How do both of you feel and think about this?

Donovan- Hey, Steven thanks for having us, do we have any choice in the matter? I mean, you are the author, so we are pretty much your beck and call, as for co-main characters, I think that we may begin the book as co-main characters, but it’s clear that I am the main character.

Steven- Travis, what do you think about DJ’s comments. Steven, it’s clear you are biased towards DJ, I mean look at how you introduced me. I am married to Laura Kraven, we have been married for over twenty years. Now, after twenty years, I am finding out that DJ was in love with Laura during college? That he stood in my wedding and bore ill will towards me?

Steven- DJ, why don’t you tell us a bit about what Travis is saying.

DJ- it’s true. I admit, in college, I had feelings for Laura, but I never acted on them. I never asked her on a date, we just hung out a lot. But now, after 20 years, Travis has fallen for a 23-year-old coder at his workplace. Sweet Jesus! Kayla is old enough to be his daughter.

Travis- See, there is the bias, ok, I have feelings for Kayla, and yes she is 23, but she makes me come alive! I know there is something wrong, I still love Laura, but there is something about Kayla. But Steven tell the truth, DJ isn’t that innocent.

Steven – Yes, DJ, we know that you are working through some issues. How about sharing them.

DJ- Well, I do have an interest in someone from my job.

Travis- keep going, talk about how you are planning on using your job.

DJ- we don’t want to spoil too much of the story.

Steven- No DJ, tell us what you do.

DJ- I am a Multitician. I work in the Multiverse.

Steven- interesting, can you tell us a little more?

DJ- Well, can I? Let’s just say I jump through time and space, and solve interesting problems.

Steven- How did you get your job?

DJ- I was coaching some high school students at a speech tournament. I went back to my hotel room to change clothes and prep for dinner. I was watching an episode of Sex in the City. I got really dizzy passed out, and suddenly I was in a cab with Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Samantha Jones played by Kim Catrall. They took me to McDonald’s. I woke up in my hotel room, holding a McRib with no idea how it got there.

Steven- That was your first introduction to the Multiverse, right? When was the second?

Travis- At my rehearsal dinner. I was preparing to marry Laura, little did I know that he was bitter against me and holding me in contempt.

DJ- Well, I also didn’t think that 20 years later, you would be considering throwing it all away with a 23-year-old.

Steven- ok, ok, I get it. Let’s move past Laura for a second. Tell us more.

DJ- Ok, so here we go. I was walking to the bathroom at the rehearsal dinner, I saw General Hospital on the TV, the next thing I knew I was fighting Sonny Corinthos over his wife, Carly. Sonny put a gun to my head, then all of a sudden, a shapeshifting unicorn appeared. The unicorn transformed into an older woman. She became my supervisor in the Multiverse.

Steven- So you basically get into the Multiverse through television and movies?

DJ- Yes, and as years go by and you get promoted, you get to add books and sporting events, and music. For example, say you have an assignment in the 1800s in England. Well, you go to a library and pull a copy of A Christmas Carol off the shelf and poof you are in England.

Travis- Aren’t you leaving something out?

DJ- Oh yes, I am thinking of using my position in the Multiverse to create a new reality for myself and Laura. Still, I am also falling for my supervisor, Samantha.

Travis- Samantha from Sex and the City?

DJ- No, Samantha, my supervisor.

Travis- Steven you need to work on the naming conventions, you can’t have two Samantha’s

Steven- I understand, but Samantha from Sex in the City only has one appearance.

DJ- Very true. But yes, I am torn between two women. Heck, I may even go and pursue Kayla.

Travis- Seriously?

Steven- So what are the stakes in this story? Also, how about the title Who is Aquafunkapus, and what does MBOH stand for?

DJ- Steven, you are the author, we just do what you tell us to do, we are at the mercy of your imagination.

Steven- Ah yes, you are! Thanks, DJ and Travis, for hanging out today and taking questions.

Now back to my regularly scheduled post.
This Week Nano wrap up-
Each day I name my entry after a song. I reference the song at the beginning, and the end of the entry and the song drives the content of the piece.
Songs used this Week-
Can’t you see- Marshall Tucker Band
Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
Every Little Step Bobby Brown
Mystify- Inxs
What about your friends TLC
New Jack Hustler Ice T
Sweet Leaf Black Sabbath

Nano success tip of the Week. I write for ten minutes every morning after I wake up. I set a timer using my Amazon Echo.

Nano success tip two- I write on google docs on my phone during downtime during the day. Spreading out the writing helps me make my word count each day.

Fun activity- Participated in a Virtual Write input on by Nanowrimo on Saturday. Over 350 people were writing. We did three sprints 5 minutes, and two that were 10 minutes long. Each sprint started with a prompt that you could either use or ignore. For example, one prompt was – Race against the clock- In your story, either reference a clock or give a character five minutes to do something. Another prompt was around Treasure. You could write about someone in your story finding Treasure, stealing Treasure, or only daydreaming about what they treasure.

Currently nearing 17,000 words right on track to finish.

Even during a month of writing, I have time to go to the beach with the family on a Saturday morning.



3 thoughts on “Aquafunkapus is my name writing is my game

  1. Hi Steven. Fun to get a peak inside the emerging story. I was intrigued by the jumps between your two characters (a) insisting that they’re just figments of your own imagination and (b) clearly going their own way. Is there space for this kind of thing in the book itself. It was a bit difficult to follow at times — there were maybe a few more bits of back story I needed to know to follow the back and forth between the three of you, but I can see how a multitician will open doors — in the book and for you. What happens when you as author start having this kind of conversation with your characters?

  2. Hi Steve, the interview is funny. The exchange between the characters expresses their dynamic well while also emphasizing the conflict they have between each other. What was your experience of writing like? Did you enjoy it?

    Your success tips are helpful because they are easy and actionable. Thanks for the good advice.

    How have you made friends with what your lizard brain said once you finished the post?

  3. This was a funny interview, Steven. I like the idea! Sci Fi Soap Opera is not a common genre!

    What are you learning from your process as you do it differently from the past. Are those google doc entries shorter? Choppier? I’d have a hard time with that on the phone.

    I think you’re doing some very creative work here and I commend you for it. You have your own style and that’s a good thing. I like the experimental approach too!

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