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The Process

Exposure to information is how I begin most days. I can even think back to my elementary school days, rolling out of bed and turning on the TV to watch cartoons before I went to school. In High School and Jr High, I recall turning on NBC news in the morning to watch a short […]

Rinse Repeat

Sports and Soap Operas. I recall watching them with my grandmother. I would lay on the floor in her living room, and All My Children moved onto One Life to Live and the day finished with General Hospital. As a child, I attached to General Hospital, watched it in college, watched it as an adult. […]

The month of Nisan in Hebrew is the equivalent to our month of March. I discovered that this morning when I was reading the book of Nehemiah; the book begins in the Hebrew month of Kislev when Nehemiah hears from his brothers and the exiles, he responds with mourning, prayer, and fasting. I paused and […]

Create the way you consume.

My mother would buy me coloring books and crayons when I was a young boy. I recall one coloring book. It was a Spiderman coloring book. On the cover, Spiderman was fighting an octopus, not Dr. Octopus, one of his arch- enemies, but an actual octopus that lived in the ocean. As a child, I […]


My son and I were watching the new Tom and Jerry movie. The power went out for a short time. When it came back on, the internet was down as well. I discovered this when I attempted to bring the movie back on; we used A Kindle Fire Stick to watch the movie on HBO […]

Nine Percent

I heard a stat yesterday about goal completion. In an article, the author of a blog said that only 9% of people who set New Year’s Resolution complete them. I am part of the nine percent. I accomplish the goals I set at the beginning of the year. Later in the article, the author explained […]

The Lion’s Den

Daniel got tossed into the Lion’s Den for praying. He broke a rule. A rule that was put in place by the other administrators in the Kingdom at the time. It wasn’t that simple or cut and dry. Daniel had distinguished himself so much that the King was going to appoint him over the entire […]


I have never had surgery, but I have been around people who have been through it. My wife, my Father, friends have all spent time in the hospital having surgery. I know several surgeons; even though the surgeries were different, and the doctors’ specialties vary, there is one thing that all share in common. People […]

More is a start, not a destination

“ Do more than the person next to you.” “If you want to win, do more.” “ You have to get up early and stay late, then you will be successful.” Have you ever heard those words in your career? I sure have. Getting up early and working late may make you successful. Another perspective […]

What comes first the book or the website?

  Your efforts should match what you hope to accomplish. If you want to be a writer. Finish your book first. If you are working on your website while writing your book, make sure that you devote more time to writing your book than building your website. The same goes for your marketing. If you […]

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