At bat.

At a baseball game or softball game, there are several places where you can be. If you are there to watch, you sit in the stands. If you are playing or coaching in the game, you are on the field or in the dugout.

The umpires are on the field calling balls and strikes, the vendors are selling concessions. The groundskeepers are taking care of the grass; there are people in charge of taking tickets.

I could go on and on; the point is that many people are present at a professional baseball game to make sure the viewing experience you have is a good one.
If you are a player and you are at-bat, you have two options when a pitch is thrown to you.

You can swing, and your hope is that you make contact, and when you make contact, the ball will go where the other players aren’t. If you wait and watch a pitch go by, you hope it is out of the strike zone.

If that happens four times, you get to advance to a base. If there are three strikes, you are out, and you go back to the bench.

Hopefully, you get to do it again. The chances of you getting to do it again are high.
The pitcher is not trying to help you hit the ball into play, except at batting practice.
At batting practice, the pitcher is throwing pitches to you, so you can hit them.
The point I am attempting to make today is this. We get to do it again. We get to do our jobs again. We get to do the day again. We can be thankful that we can go it again.

Look at your day like you are at-bat. You get to swing. You get to watch the ball go by.

Enjoy getting to play in the game. Connect with why you are up to bat. You are at-bat because the hope is that you will get a hit.

You are a pro.

In the bottom of the ninth, with the game tied or with the team behind. They want you to get a hit. That is your job. To get a hit.

So go out today and get a hit. Get on base. Win the game. But remember this, if you strike out if you ground out, if you fly out.

Keep playing. You will get another chance.

We get to.

What do you get to do each day?

You get to wake up, go to work, see friends, see family.

Talk to others, use a phone, use a computer.

Meet new people.

Look for a job.

Work a job.












Is this list to small or too big?

These are just some of the things that I guess that people get to do each day.

We also get to follow our curiosity.

We get to help.

Life getting in the way.

I heard someone say to me this morning.
Life is getting in the way.
I responded that I felt the same way.

At the current moment, life is getting in the way.
But as I thought about it deeper, what is life getting in the way of?

I think for me, life is getting in the way of joy and happiness.
There is plenty of room for fear, sadness, and anger.

The first alert on my phone reminds me of how scary the world is.
The emails are attempting to sell me something that I probably already have in abundance, but what is one more?

I imagine what does, in the way, look like?
I imagine driving and a traffic jam ensures.

The traffic is blocking my way.
The truth is that the traffic, the jams, the blocks, life getting in the way.

Life is getting in the way.
Could it be that life is slowing me down?

Does life know that I am sad, angry, and scared?

It could, in the way, mean to be like a train that is pulling into a station, slowing down long enough to pick up new passengers.

What if those new passengers were joy and happiness?

The road to peace

Peace is a term that I hear often.
Is peace the desired state?

An outcome that I am working to acquire?
Peace is difficult because my mind generates thoughts that aren’t true, but I convince myself that they will come true.

Instead of joy internally, I create fear and anxiety.
The opposite of peace is occurring.

So I need to try something different.
Try to create thoughts that aren’t true.

Thoughts that may not come true.
But generate joy?

Or what about just allowing myself to enjoy the present moment?
To close my eyes as I type.

To take a deep breath.
To listen to Charlie Parker solo in my headphones.

To listen to Dizzy Gillespie take over from Charlie.

Yes, there are places that I don’t want to be.
Places I would rather be.

The road to peace is bumpy.
The bumps aren’t a reason to stop the journey.

Perhaps I just need to accept the bumps.
Then pray for the peace to face each bump.
Knowing that we aren’t alone.

A day for Moms

I met my mother in Jan in the early 1970s. My birth certificate says that it was on Jan 5th.

I wasn’t aware of that first day when I entered the world. I do know that on that day, she must have been encouraged and excited to see me.

I said goodbye to my mother in Nov of 2007. I wasn’t there when she passed away, and it has hard to remember when was the last time I talked to her or what we talked about.

It was weird at first. Not having your mom. I would pick up the phone to call her, to tell her about a big event. Then I knew that she was gone. I still have her address in my amazon account and her number on my phone.

‘She never got to meet my son. I know she would have loved him too.
On mother’s day, it has been fun to serve my wife. To reach my son how to appreciate his mother, we bought her favorite lunch, her choice of dinner.

I had him pick out her favorite gifts. I smiled and felt proud, knowing that he is learning how to honor his mom.

Through all this. I still feel sad. Sad knowing that my mom is only a memory.
Her love lives inside of me. I can comfort myself with that knowledge, and I know that I am not the only one. So for those of you who have lost on Mother’s Day, It is ok to celebrate the mom’s in your life and mourn what you have lost.

It is still their day.


Tired. What do you do with it? Where does it go? I feel tired for at least several waking hours of the day. I want to go back to sleep. I can’t.

There is work to be done. Obligations to fulfill.
Bills to be paid. People to serve.

There are many strategies and interventions to try. The goal is to make the tired go away.

There are coffee, energy drinks, walking, splashing water on your face.
All are attempts to move from tired to energetic.

At times it works, but when it doesn’t. I keep going.
Where can I put the tired?

I can act as if I am not tired.
What if I decided to play a role?

A role of an energetic, excited person full of vigor and joy.
Would that help? I think it might, and it would be fun trying.


Expectations, Outcomes, Goals, Accomplishments.
What do these words mean to you?
Do you see them as a path?
A path to what?
Do these words add value, or do they take them away?
What do you think?
I could say both.
Unrealistic expectations lead to undesirable outcomes.
Unrealistic goals diminish the possibility of your accomplishments being realized.
Where does that leave you?
What do you need to takeaway?
How about this. Instead of adding more or taking away everything.
Try this.
Adjust your goals.
Adjust your expectations.
Create a path.
Consider others on the path with you.
Connect with how you help those around you.
Walk your path.
Run your race.
Be specific.
Step by Step.
Day by Day.

The present moment

Suppose there is an event or circumstance that is going to occur in 4 hours. In that case, the mind keeps me occupied by generating thoughts and feelings about how it will be unpleasant and telling me that I should be somewhere else or doing something else.

It isn’t comforting to do this. The truth is that I can change course.
I can get out of the train of thought and engage in other activities.
I can listen to music, type a blog, meditate, read scriptures.
The change begins to arrive, and the mind will respond.
The present moment holds joy and peace.
The future is full of mystery and is unknown.
All the mystery to exist.
The mystery is in the future.
The present moment is where we are at now.
What are you thinking in the present moment?
What are you doing in the present moment?
Is your body in control, or is your mind in control?
Or you engaged in action or lost in thought?
Or are you thinking and acting?
What feelings do you have?
Guilt? Shame? Fear? Hope? Joy?
They all come either all at once like floats in a parade; you see them and experience all of them.
Or do they come one at a time?
Take a look. Listen. Feel? Then wonder.
The present moment can be a time of preparation.
Preparing you to serve. Preparing you to help. Preparing you to contribute.


The touch.
It could be the feeling generated when you place a body part on an object.

You touched the bottle of water that had been sitting in your car on a 95-degree day.
The bottle is warm to the touch.

Or it could be the feeling generated by an experience either with a person or a book, movie, song, or event.

For example- when you heard Lady Gaga sing “ I will never love again, at the end of A Star is Born.

We were touched by her pain, her emotions, and it created a connection within us.
Touch is about creating connection.

Touch can create a position connection, or it can create a negative connection.

You don’t want to touch something without permission.

The reason you can hurt someone or something valuable.

You don’t want to touch the museum piece, and you don’t want to touch a person.

When this happens, people hurt, are hurt, and still hurt.

You can be a source of hope, joy by your touch.

You may need it.

You may need to give it.

Or both.

The touch.

The Snafu

Snafus. They happen all the time.
It is tempting to blame the snafu on someone else.
It is even more tempting to get frustrated, angry, or sad.
Take a breath.
Then set a course of action and work through the snafu.
This morning 10 minutes before I was to host a zoom call, my internet was out.
A snafu.
Tempted to fret, Tempted to desire.
Nope, just work through the snafu.
Reboot the rooter.
Pour some coffee.
Make a plan to use a hotspot, make someone a co-host.
Working through the snafu.
Reboot worked.
Snafu number two.
Opened up the meeting.
No one is present.
Got sad, Got depressed. Told self stories.
Work through the snafu.
Discovered I didn’t start the meeting.
Just opened the meeting with the wrong meeting ID.
Opened the meeting, Book there were the people.
Snafu worked through.
A Snafu. Meant to be worked through. It is natural to react, believing your emotions alone are a source of action.
Just don’t stay in them. Enlist them, and work through the snafu.
By the way, today is May the 4th. Happy Star Wars Day!