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A Pragmatic Approach to Imposter Syndrome.

  Impostor Syndrome. I have heard the term a great deal lately. I wanted to get a better understanding of what it exactly was, so I searched for a definition to reflect on- The first one that came up when I searched define imposter syndrome was this- From Wikipedia   “Impostor syndrome (also known as […]

Jump off then fake it until you make it.

During the 1984 Olympics, I watched the Olympic High Jumper Dwight Stones win a medal for the United States; After viewing this I wanted to be a high jumper for a brief moment. If you want to be a high jumper, you need to practice high jumping, so I dragged a mattress into our back […]


When I was 8 or 9, I used to call sports phone 976-1313; when you got through, there would be a recording with updates of scores from major sporting events. One day I was reading the phone book. I saw the weather phone numbers in different states, So one day, I started calling this 976 […]

The Joy of Walking

One of my favorite weekend rituals in middle school was to walk to McDonald’s, have lunch, then cross the street and head over to Dairy Queen for dessert. To close the afternoon, I would go to the arcade and play Sinistar, which was the only game I set the high score on. When this was […]

From Grumpy and Frustrated to Compassionate and Thankful.

In the early 2000s, there was a grocery store strike in California. People began to shop at smaller stores during the time rather than break the picket lines at the large chains. During this time, many people who never shopped at Trader Joe’s started shopping at the store. The Trader Joes regulars were upset that […]

Ranting about politics.

I grew up in Illinois, and I was in third grade during the Regan Carter presidential election. As kids, we got to participate in an election as well. All of the children got to vote for the state animal. I don’t remember what animal I vote for or what animal won. I was excited to […]

Time in Concrete

My thirty-year class reunion was supposed to be in October. It doesn’t seem like it was thirty years ago that I graduated from High School. Yet the calendar dates confirm the fact that my body doesn’t seem to believe it is true. The good thing is that I don’t feel thirty years older. I recall […]

Meet the Characters # 1- Prescott Everton

“ Steven, are you ready” Akemi startled Steven, who was pacing back and forth. “ Wait. Not yet, now I am not sure I should do this interview, I worried about the subject matter and the content, people may judge me”. Steven walked over to his desk and sat down. He put on his headphones. […]

Meet the Band of Misfit Heroes.

The cast of characters is gathered in a coffee shop. Danyo is making lattes and iced coffee for everyone. They are waiting for Steven to come into the room. Danyo- Steven had another weird dream last night. Genesis- About what this time. Danyo- It was about Gorilla’s; at the end of the dream, he was […]

Genesis runs for President.

This is a short piece from the novel I am working I started it during Nanowrimo. I am now working on it in the Writing in Community Workshop. The following excerpt shows the character Genesis Jackson giving a speech.  His wife Sherrie is a demon and her father is second in command to Satan.  here […]

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